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Salim Shadid (born in 1961), started his higher education in building and civil engineering before graduating from École Internationale des Sciences en Technologies de l’Information (EISTI) in 1988. He then founded and developed for 7 years an IT consulting firm specialized in multilingual information systems. After working in information systems engineering, he is asked to manage two euromediterranean cooperation European programs, the first between professional SME organizations and the other on quality management.

Having acquired experience in project leadership and management in both public and private sectors, he guided and restructured a banking federation’s technology scouting and prospective on retail banking innovations division.

He is now looking forward to once again holding leadership responsibilities in information systems in a network of public establishments.

Inside CANTON-Consulting, Salim Shadid helps to define IT strategies and develop information systems, and collaborates with NPT magazine and its editorial committee.